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Our management team is an experienced group of executives and professionals who are building a great company that is committed to its customers, booksellers and shareholders.

Executive Management

Leonard RiggioLeonard Riggio
Founder and Executive Chairman
Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Michael HusebyMichael P. Huseby
Chief Executive Officer, Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Max RobertsMax J. Roberts
Chief Executive Officer
Barnes & Noble College

Senior Leadership (alphabetical order)

  • Mark Bottini, V.P. and Director of Stores, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Jaime Carey, Chief Merchandising Officer, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Doug Carlson, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of Digital Content, Nook Digital, LLC 
  • David Deason, V.P. of Development, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Brad Feuer, General Counsel, Barnes & Noble, Inc.  
  • Mary Ellen Keating, Senior V.P. of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Allen W. Lindstrom, Chief Financial Officer, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Kanuj Malhotra, Head of Corporate Development, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Andy Milevoj, V.P. of Investor Relations, Barnes & Noble, Inc.
  • Michelle Smith, V.P. of Human Resources, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Theresa Thompson, Executive Vice President, Sterling Publishing 
  • Chris Troia, Chief Information Officer, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
  • Mahesh Veerina, President, NOOK Consumer Business, Nook Digital, LLC

Leonard Riggio

Michael P. Huseby
Max J. Roberts
Mark Bottini
Jaime Carey
Doug Carlson
David Deason
Brad Feuer
Mary Ellen Keating
Allen W. Lindstrom
Kanuj Malhotra
Andy Milevoj
Michelle Smith
Theresa Thompson
Chris Troia
Mahesh Veerina