The Vendor Operational Guidelines have been established to aid Vendors in moving their product through the Barnes & Noble Supply Chain in an efficient speed-to-market strategy.  The Vendor Operational Guidelines provide detailed steps to prepare merchandise and shipments for delivery to Barnes & Noble locations.   

The Product Compliance Manual provides the B&N requirements in connection with factory security (CTPAT) and social responsibility, as well as product safety and regulatory compliance.

Vendors are expected to read both documents in their entirety, and ensure all appropriate personnel have access to and understand their contents.  Vendors must periodically visit this page for updates, as these documents may be amended or supplemented from time to time.  Questions can be submitted to the contacts listed in each document.  If you do not know your passwords, please provide your Vendor name and the nature of your request in an email to

Vendors who provide B&N with Toys & Games or Gift merchandise should also reference the respective links below:

Vendors using B&N’s Transportation Management System can find all key supporting documents below.