Barnes & Noble, Inc., and its subsidiaries ("Barnes & Noble") have developed and implemented a robust social and legal vendor compliance program for vendors. Elements of this program include, but are not limited to, a comprehensive Vendor Code of Conduct that requires, among other things, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, which include, without limitation, California Civil Code section 1714.43(c) and similar domestic and international laws, rules and regulations, and a prohibition on the use of forced labor and child labor. Vendors are required to provide a Vendor Compliance Certification assuring compliance with the Barnes & Noble Vendor Code of Conduct and all Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements.

Barnes & Noble has contracted with an independent third party to monitor compliance with the Barnes & Noble Vendor Code of Conduct through assessments and audits of foreign factories producing goods for our proprietary and direct import vendors.

Barnes & Noble will not tolerate the use of forced or involuntary labor, in any form. Corrective actions against the vendor will be implemented up to and including termination of the business relationship.

Barnes & Noble does not provide training to employees and management with respect to risks of human trafficking or slavery, but it does maintain internal accountability standards, including disciplinary measures up to and including termination, for employees and contractors failing to meet company standards.

For additional information on vendor compliance, visit the Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements on