Vendors (Mobile)

All suppliers, manufacturers and other vendors (collectively, “Vendors”) of Barnes & Noble and its subsidiaries and affiliates must comply with the Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements.

Our Vendor Guidelines have been established to aid Vendors in moving their product through the Barnes & Noble supply chain in an efficient speed to market strategy. In addition, product quality and safety and the working and environmental conditions of our suppliers’ facilities are of critical importance to Barnes & Noble, and as such we count on our suppliers and manufacturers to adhere to our Vendor and Product Compliance Requirements and Vendor Code of Conduct. The Barnes & Noble Terms of Purchase are also an important part of our Vendor Requirements.  

Please review our Vendor Requirements carefully. By supplying Barnes & Noble and its subsidiaries and affiliates with products, Vendors agree to be bound by all Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements, as each of the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time. Check back periodically for updates to our Vendor Requirements.