Vendors (Mobile)

All suppliers, manufacturers, and other vendors (collectively, “Vendors”) of Barnes & Noble, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates1 (“Barnes & Noble” or “B&N”), must comply with the Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements which consist of the requirements stated herein, and the following:

Vendor Guidelines
Vendor and Product Compliance Requirements
Vendor Code of Conduct
Terms of Purchase

Please review each section of our Vendor Requirements carefully. By supplying Barnes & Noble and its subsidiaries and affiliates with products, Vendors agree to be bound by all Barnes & Noble Vendor Requirements, as each of the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time. Non-compliance with any of these Vendor Requirements may result in chargebacks to the vendor. Check back periodically for updates to our Vendor Requirements.

Vendor Compliance Certification (VCC)

All Vendors who supply or manufacturer product for Barnes & Noble will be required to complete and sign our Vendor Compliance Certification form. By signing the Vendor Compliance Certification form and/or by accepting and fulfilling any order for products, you represent and warrant that you, your contractors, and subcontractors comply with these B&N Vendor Requirements, and that all products you supply to or manufacture for Barnes & Noble meet and will continue to meet any applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

General Merchandise Product Insurance

We expect that all merchandise Vendors of Barnes & Noble, Inc. (together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, "B&N") carry minimum insurance from a licensed or authorized insurer having an A.M. Best rating of A-VIII ("Excellent") or higher. Requirements for types and coverage amounts are detailed in the Merchandise Vendor Insurance Requirements here.

This policy applies to all Vendors of products of general merchandise. Any other exceptions must be discussed with your Buyer and our Risk Management Department.

Please submit your certificate of insurance and your annual or other updates to the same to

1Affiliates, subsidiaries, brands and divisions include, but are not limited to, B. Dalton Bookseller, Bookstar, Boxer Books, Em and Friends, Knock Knock, NOOK, Paper Source, Sparknotes, Union Square & Co., and Who’s There.