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Holiday Book Drive

During our annual Holiday Book Drive, Barnes & Noble stores donate books to hundreds of charities across the country to provide for those in need. Our stellar booksellers and generous customers are the driving force behind millions of donations that make their way into grateful hands. Last year, Barnes & Noble donated nearly 1.5 million books to more than 650 local charities across the country that provide services to disadvantaged children.

This year’s Holiday Book Drive began on November 1 and runs until January 2. Below are a few heart-warming stories from last year’s book drive:

Jose ParrenoAt the Glendora, CA, store, Jose Parreno (pictured right) stole the show. Jose wears many hats at the store, including receiver, café server, cashier, and this year, 2014 Holiday Book Drive Champion. Without Jose’s expertise that resulted in his collection of approximately 570 books, the store would not have been able to surpass its goal of donating 1,500 books to the City of Hope Pediatrics with a whopping total of 2,168.

However, this book drive star likes to share the spotlight, and encouraged co-workers to get involved with the drive as well by starting a friendly competition among cashiers. Of course, Jose set a record of 96 donations in an eight-hour cashier shift during his self-initiated competition!

The staff at the Newburgh, NY, store donated the books from their book drive to “Newburgh Needs to Read” for the second year in a row.  The store ended up donating a whopping 1,630 books to the organization, an incredible 156% increase from last year, due to the contagious enthusiasm of its booksellers and the media coverage it worked hard to secure.

The Barnes & Noble stores in Tampa and Brandon, FL, join together each month to host a special Spanish Storytime for the English Language Learner Department at their local school. In December, the stores dedicated their bilingual Storytime to supporting the Holiday Book Drive, and this helped them each collect more than 2,000 books for their shared recipient: the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.  The families in attendance at the Spanish Storytime (pictured below) even made get-well cards to accompany the books that were donated during the event, adding a nice personal touch!

Special Storytime at Tampa and Brandon, FL, stores.

Jessica TorresJessica Torres (pictured left) was the star of the Holiday Book Drive at the Stockton, CA, store. The veteran bookseller of six years is known for never giving up when it comes to driving sales, selling an estimated 800 Memberships annually.

To ramp up support for this year’s book drive, Jessica initiated a friendly competition between booksellers and café servers to see who could sell more books. Thanks to her competitive spirit and determination to succeed, Jessica ended up collecting more than 500 books for the drive, a feat that serves as a testament to her reputation as a sales powerhouse.