Barnes & Noble Announces Wingspan as Their April Game of the Month

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 A game that soars to new heights 


New York, NY – March 31, 2023 – Barnes & Noble has selected Wingspan as its Game of the Month pick for April. Whether you are a seasoned ornithologist or new to the world of birdwatching, Wingspan offers players of all ages and backgrounds an engaging experience to learn more about our fascinating feathered friends.  


“We are especially excited to announce Wingspan as our newest Game of the Month,” said Marnie Lawrence, Senior Director of Toys and Games at Barnes & Noble. “This beautifully designed, card-driven board game will entertain those with a trained eye, while easily welcoming new players to an expansive breadth of birds. Great for social gatherings among partners, friends and multi-generational family members, Wingspan is a wonderfully interactive game that has taken flight with our booksellers!”  


Wingspan is an engine-building board game that invites up to five players — each an avian enthusiast — to roll the dice and collect tokens in a battle to secure the most sought-after birds for their wildlife preserve. The various species are detailed on over 150 artfully illustrated cards to be dealt and drawn among the players. The player to finish the fourth and final round of the game with the highest score wins. Once players have mastered the base game, expansion sets are available featuring birds from Asia, Europe, and Oceania.


“We are incredibly excited that Wingspan was selected as the Barnes & Noble Game of the Month,” said Jamey Stegmaier, co-founder of Stonemaier Games. “It’s our great pleasure to publish a game that has brought joy to millions of tabletops worldwide thanks to designer Elizabeth Hargrave and artists Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo. This is an amazing opportunity to share the game, the latest printings of which feature all eco-friendly components from sustainably sourced forests.”


Barnes & Noble is proud to offer a robust assortment of exceptional and educational games that both stimulate the mind and capture the imagination. The bookseller is thrilled to offer such a robust assortment and Wingspan is exactly the exceptional caliber of game it is most pleased to bring to its customers. Customers can find the Game of the Month on display at their local Barnes & Noble and on 

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