Barnes & Noble Announces Wavelength as Their 2022 Game of the Season

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Amp Up Party Night with a Game Perfect for Word-Teasers and Mind-Readers

New York, NY – October 13, 2022 – Barnes & Noble is excited to announce Wavelength as its 2022 Game of the Season.  Shining a spotlight on the game that booksellers can’t quit playing, The Game of the Season joins the bookseller’s array of programs that champion the best of the best including Book Clubs, Discover Prize, Children’s & YA Book Awards and Book of the Year! 

Wavelength is a marvelous mind game perfect for family gatherings, parties and game nights of all sizes, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce it as our Game of the Season,” said Marnie Lawrence, Senior Director, Toys and Games, Barnes & Noble.  “This two-team game is both easy to learn and sure to stir up some friendly competition among players, and has garnered two thumbs up from our booksellers!”

Wavelength is a telepathic party game that relies on players’ wordplay skills to help them locate a hidden target.  Perfect for fans of Apples to Apples and Barnes and Noble’s Game of the Month, Codenames, this thought-provoking crowd-pleaser is a battle of the brains to see which team can get on the same frequency and score the most points.

“We are delighted that Wavelength was chosen to be featured as Barnes & Noble’s Game of the Season for 2022,” said Steve Buckmaster, Global Head of Distribution at Asmodee.  “Wavelength is all about bringing people together, and Barnes & Noble will help us do exactly that.  Their support will introduce the game to countless new players looking for the next great party experience.  We can’t wait for groups of family and friends to gather this season to laugh and debate where the Wavelength answers lie.”

The expert Game team at Barnes & Noble has also hand-picked – and battle-tested – their top recommendations for the winningest games this holiday season.  Customers can find the perfect gift for their favorite gamer or bibliophile in the Barnes & Noble Holiday Gift Guide. Wavelength is not only riotously fun but also beautifully designed and will be on display in local Barnes & Noble shops nationwide and on

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