Barnes & Noble Announces Steam Up as Their Game of the Year

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You Win Some, You Dim Sum


New York, NY – October 12, 2023 – Barnes & Noble announces Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum (BN Edition) as its 2023 Game of the Year. Whether hoping to showcase your gourmet expertise or immerse yourself in an authentic cultural experience, Steam Up is a game sure to satisfy your appetite.


“We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce Steam Up as our Barnes & Noble Game of the Year for 2023,” said Marnie Lawrence, Senior Director of Toys and Games at Barnes & Noble. “Amusing for both seasoned strategists and novice board-gamers alike, Steam Up is an interactive strategy game that challenges players to compete for the fullest stomach at the table. From its unique characters to charming artwork and selection of Dim Sum flavors — our booksellers know this game comes with all the ingredients you need for a great game night!”


Steam Up is an elevated board game that invites two to five players to take action, managing their supply of Dim Sum against one another. Players collect food tokens and Fate and Fortune cards to benefit themselves or to play against their opponents. Once a set number of Steamers have been purchased or the Fate deck is emptied, the player left with the highest score wins the game. Customers can find the exclusive B&N edition of this game that perfectly combines tasty cuisine and cultural tradition online or at their local Barnes & Noble store.


“We are incredibly excited that Steam Up has been chosen as the Barnes & Noble Game of the Year,” said Marie Wong and Pauline Kong, Co-Founders of Hot Banana Games. “It's a real pleasure to share this hearty game alongside KTBG, reaching countless players to spread our love for Dim Sum cuisine. We were inspired to create this game to bring people together, and we sincerely thank Barnes & Noble for their wonderful support in making it happen.”


The Barnes & Noble Game of the Year program connects game enthusiasts with the very best thought-provoking games on the market. As with books, games stimulate the mind and push the boundaries of the imagination. Barnes & Noble is proud to present such a wide assortment, including educational and culturally significant games like Steam Up, which customers can find on display at their local Barnes & Noble and on 


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