Barnes & Noble Announces Their 2022 Discover Prize Winner

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The Rabbit Hutch by Tess Gunty is the Bookseller’s Pick for the Best New Author Published This Year

New York, NY – October 12, 2022 – Barnes & Noble announces Tess Gunty as its 2022 Discover Prize Winner for her novel The Rabbit Hutch.  The bookseller made the announcement during a live event hosted at the Barnes & Noble flagship store in Union Square NYC. 

Each month, Barnes & Noble selects a debut novel as its Discover pick.  This long-standing program has launched the careers of many writers, providing a uniquely powerful focus within the literary world on hitherto unknown talent.  The Discover Prize shortlists the very best from amongst these novels, with a panel of Barnes & Noble booksellers selecting the winner.  The Prize has a cash prize of $10,000.

The Rabbit Hutch announces an extraordinary talent, one of those books that makes you sit up and marvel,” said James Daunt, CEO of Barnes & Noble.  “Tess Gunty’s writing is mesmerizing, spinning her brilliant insights into a novel that is utterly compelling.  Our booksellers love this book, as well they might, and we are delighted to name it our 2022 Discover Prize winner.”

The Rabbit Hutch is a captivating novel about coming-of-age, climate change and gentrification in a dying Rust Belt community, with an unforgettable 18-year-old at its heart.  Tess Gunty’s novel has become a word-of-mouth bestseller and is now gaining increasing critical acclaim.  As well as winning the Barnes & Noble Discover Prize, The Rabbit Hutch is a finalist for the 2022 National Book Awards.

Bookstores remain uniquely positioned to introduce and champion new writers, a role that Barnes & Noble booksellers relish.  Here is some of the praise Barnes & Noble booksellers have bestowed upon the winner:

  • “This book is a masterpiece.  A specific story of a young woman in a dying midwestern town but also a universal story of love, loneliness, and longing.  There is violence and sadness but, like the battered heart on the cover, this book beats with life – bloody, real life.  The Rabbit Hutch will stay with me for a long time.” –Brenda A, Bentonville, AR

  • “The Rabbit Hutch demands your attention from the very first line and refuses to let go.  A story about the loneliness of modern society’s constant connection, Gunty provides a totally unique read that I could not put down and have not been able to stop thinking about.” –Katie V, Holmdel, NJ

  • “This book is your next Book Club pick and puts Tess Gunty on the map as 'one-to-watch'.  Her unflinching, raw character portraits lead the reader through a roiling build of frustration, restlessness, trauma and explosive self-realization.” –Amanda Y, Los Angeles, CA

  • “In the center of a gentrifying Rust Belt town, lies The Rabbit Hutch, home to the lost, the lonely, and the lovelorn.  Tess Gunty's novel debuts a new transcendent literary voice that brings these residents to life and the decisions that force their paths to collide in an ending that is as unexpected as it is shocking.” –Kevin R, Houston, TX

  • The Rabbit Hutch: the next ‘Great American Novel.’  Fiercely original and innovative.  Some books are readable, some are genius… The Rabbit Hutch is both!” –John S, Champaign, IL

Competition for this year’s Discover Prize was fierce and B&N booksellers across the country have also fallen fully for the following five finalists, representing some of the best and freshest writing today.

Customers can find Tess Gunty’s The Rabbit Hutch along with the other Discover Award Finalists at their local Barnes & Noble and on  They can also gush about their favorites on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, using the hashtag #bndiscoverprize.

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