Barnes & Noble Introduces New B&N Readouts™, Bringing Bookstore-Like Browsing and Free Bite-Sized Content to NOOK® Digital Experience

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Free Feature Delivers Tailored Quick Reads Daily to NOOK® by Samsung Devices, Free NOOK Reading Apps™ and

New York, New York – October 14, 2015 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the nation’s largest retail bookseller and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced B&N Readouts, an innovative new feature that brings the company’s popular bookstore browsing and content discovery to the NOOK digital experience. B&N Readouts offers a daily selection of addictive and compelling quick reads that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere on all NOOK by Samsung devices, through Free NOOK Reading Apps for Android™ and iOS® devices, and at

B&N Readouts leverages Barnes & Noble’s vast content catalog and deep bookseller knowledge to deliver a daily selection of free one- to five-minute book excerpts and full articles from current issues of popular periodicals. These mobile-friendly quick reads are tailored to customers’ favorite genres and subjects and optimized for sharing. A delightful tasting menu for readers of every interest, B&N Readouts is curated by Barnes & Noble’s editors to surprise and delight always-on, on-the-go customers with unexpected treats. It’s designed for spare moments, but perfect for leisurely exploration, too.

“With B&N Readouts, we’re bringing the excitement and serendipity of exploring our store shelves to the NOOK experience, where customers can scroll down our digital aisles and discover great new daily content anytime,” said Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer at Barnes & Noble. “This is a fun, fresh and free way NOOK customers can tap the pleasures of Barnes & Noble bookstore browsing at a moment’s notice and indulge their love of reading anywhere. They’ll find great reads they might otherwise miss and can seamlessly share their new finds with friends and family.”

Free Excerpts and Customization

B&N Readouts is refreshed daily with book excerpts and magazine articles in popular genres and topics, including Fiction, Romance, Mysteries & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Lifestyle, Books & Ideas, Science & Tech and Business & Innovation. B&N Readouts also offers customers sneak peeks of upcoming books and special bonus content from authors and publishers. My Picks allows users to customize selections to reflect their personal interests.

NOOK customers can get a flavor for new reads and authors before deciding whether to add selections to their wish list, easily purchase the full book or magazine, and share their favorite new discoveries with their friends via social media or email. With a compelling quick read for every moment, B&N Readouts will pique reader curiosity and keep them entertained when they’re looking to learn something new or to escape into a good story for a few minutes each day.

Free Feature Now Available in Biggest NOOK Software Release Ever

B&N Readouts is just one of many enhancements Barnes & Noble is bringing to the NOOK experience in our new software release, which is now available at no cost through the Google Play store on all NOOK by Samsung devices, including the recently announced 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, 9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E NOOK, as well as the 7- and 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK. The feature can be found by tapping on the NOOK Home icon on the device.

Customers can also download or update their Free NOOK Reading Apps for Android and iOS devices ( through Google Play and the iTunes App Store, respectively. New features for the Android app include a new home screen and library with series stacking, the ability to share a quote to social networks and other upgrades in response to customer requests. The iOS app includes support for iOS 9 and the newest iPhones and the ability to share product details to social networks, email and other apps. Customers can also enjoy B&N Readouts free at

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