Theresa Thompson

President, Sterling Publishing

Theresa Thompson was appointed President, Sterling Publishing in October 2016. In this role, she is responsible for the management of the company, both creatively and operationally, and overseeing many areas of the business, including operations, finance, book production and manufacturing. 

Ms. Thompson is also responsible for the development, procurement and production of the books the Company publishes and for the proprietary products it develops, and overseeing Sparknotes, a Barnes & Noble-owned business providing online and in-print study resources. Ms. Thompson has been with Sterling Publishing since March 2012, when she was appointed Executive Vice President. 

Ms. Thompson first came to Barnes & Noble in 2003, where she was responsible for our Audiobook business. In 2008, she was promoted to Vice President, Newsstand, and in July 2011, her responsibilities expanded to include Bargain and Calendars. Prior to Barnes & Noble, Ms. Thompson held a variety of merchandising positions at both Macy’s and Saks.

Ms. Thompson has a BA in Economics from New York University.