NOOK Press® is Barnes & Noble's innovative self-publishing platform where independent publishers and authors can find everything they need to publish both print and digital books for customer purchase. NOOK Press allows users to easily upload their book and make it available for purchase on, on NOOK devices and in stores.   Users can also monitor sales on a daily basis with reporting tools. With no delivery fees or production costs, NOOK Press is free to use from start to finish, and provides users with instant access to millions of readers at and, as well as customers with NOOK® devices and those who use Free NOOK Reading Apps™ available for Android™, iOS® and Windows®.

The recently launched NOOK Press print platform provides NOOK Press authors with an easy-to-use program that enables them to create professional-quality hardcover and paperback books that can be sold at Barnes & Noble stores across the country and online. The NOOK Press print platform walks self-published authors step-by-step through the print book creation process. All they need to get started are print-ready PDF or Word documents of their interior text and cover. NOOK Press provides authors with all the tools and resources needed to help create print-ready files of their work. Any self-published print book can be made available for sale on and in about 72 hours of being uploaded to the NOOK Press platform.

NOOK Press authors can also qualify for the opportunity to participate at in-store events including book signings and discussions, where they can sell their print books and meet fans. To have their print books considered for in-store placement on a local, regional or national level, eligible NOOK Press authors can submit their print books for review by Barnes & Noble’s Small Press Department and one of the company’s corporate category buyers. To participate at in-store events, top-selling NOOK Press authors are eligible for an event review from a Barnes & Noble store manager. They can contact for more details.

For additional information, visit the NOOK Press site.