William E. Wood

Chief Information Officer, Barnes & Noble, Inc.

William E. Wood was named Chief Information Officer for Barnes & Noble, Inc., in December 2015. He is responsible for the information technology, telecommunication networks and computer systems that support the company, as well as for allocating and evaluating the effectiveness of overall technology resources and strategies, and developing new systems.

Mr. Wood was previously Chief Information Officer at EZCORP, Inc., where in 2014 where he led an organizational transformation in Information Technology and was named “2015 Austin IT Executive of the Year” by the Austin, Texas Society for Information Management. He has extensive experience in retail, with previous high-level IT roles at Bass Pro Shops, Brookstone, Inc. and Dollar General, Corporation. He has also served as an advisory board member for several companies including Lexmark, Magnetify Corporation and Zeppelin, Inc., and was a 10-year veteran of the United States Army.

Mr. Wood has a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He is also actively involved in several non-profit organizations.