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General FAQs

In how many states do you operate? In what foreign countries does the company have operations or outlets?

As of January 27, 2018, the Company operated 630 retail bookstores in regional shopping malls, major strip centers and freestanding locations in 50 states. 

How many people work for Barnes & Noble Inc.?

As of April 29, 2017, the Company employed approximately 26,000 employees.

Do you franchise stores?

Barnes & Noble, Inc wholly owns all our stores. We do not have plans to offer franchise opportunities in the future.

Shareholder FAQs

On what exchange is Barnes & Noble, Inc., common stock listed?

Barnes & Noble's common stock (BKS) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

What is the Barnes & Noble trading symbol?

The trading symbol is BKS on the New York Stock Exchange.

When and where was Barnes & Noble incorporated?

Barnes & Noble, Inc., was incorporated in the state of Delaware in December 1986.

When did Barnes & Noble go public and at what price?

Barnes & Noble went public in 1993 at $10 per split-adjusted share. 

How many stock splits has Barnes & Noble executed?

The company executed a two-for-one stock split on September 22, 1997.

What percentage of Barnes & Noble common stock is owned by the company's senior management?

All directors and executive officers own 21.0% of Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Who is the transfer agent for Barnes & Noble?

480 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1900
Stockholder Inquiries: (800) 524-4458

Does Barnes & Noble pay a cash dividend?

On July 14, 2015, the Company’s Board of Directors approved a policy of paying dividends at an annual rate of $0.60 per share of common stock of the Company, payable in four installments of $0.15 per share of common stock of the Company, with such quarterly dividends to be declared on a quarterly basis by the Board. 

Can I buy common shares directly from Barnes & Noble?

No. Barnes & Noble does not offer a direct purchase plan. If you are interested in buying common stock in the company, please contact your stockbroker or online brokerage service.

Retail FAQs

What discounts do your stores offer?

Barnes & Noble was the first bookseller to offer deep discounts. We offer:

  • 30% off hardcover bestsellers;
  • 20% discount on the books picked for our Discover Great New Writers™ program;
  • Thousands of publisher’s remainders or overstocks, which are offered at prices up to 80% lower than original publisher list prices.

Why are your online prices usually lower?

The online marketplace for books is very competitive. As such, we extend greater discounts to our customers in order to remain competitive. Research has shown that customers that shop at both stores and online are more loyal and are greater spenders. By keeping the sale "in the family," we strengthen our long-term business.

What is the Barnes & Noble Member Program?

Barnes & Noble Members receive free express shipping on all orders; 40% off the list price on hardcover fiction and non-fiction Barnes & Noble store bestsellers; and 10% off the B&N price of almost everything else in store. Plus, Members receive special offers and discounts throughout the year. New Members get a special sign-up bonus of $50 in coupons, delivered by email. The annual Membership fee is $25.

To join, just visit our stores or website at BN.COM/membership.

What is the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club™ Program?

The Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club Program is free for adult participants with kids age 12 and under. Participants receive a $5 gift card reward (maximum 4 per year) for every $100 spent on kids’ stuff online and in stores. In addition, each of the participants’ eligible kids receive a gift for their birthdays—a free cupcake from our Café.

To join, just visit our stores or website at BN.COM/kidsclub.

What is the Barnes & Noble Educator Program?

The Barnes & Noble Educator Program is free for K-12 educators. Participants save 20% off list price on all eligible purchases for classroom use, online and in stores. Educators get up to 25% off during Educator Appreciation Days, as well as receive valuable email offers throughout the year and information on special Educator events.

To join, just visit our stores.